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Monotype or Monoprint


A MONOTYPE is a one of a kind, unique piece of artwork. It is the simplest form of printmaking, requiring only ink, a surface on which to apply it, paper and some form of press. The image is made on the surface of a plate, either metal or plexiglass, and is simply transferred to a piece of prepared paper by the pressure of a press.


All of my images  are monotypes.


A MONOPRINT is similar to a monotype but has a permanent and repeatable visual element that is "etched or engraved" into the plate. This underlying image/design remains the same throughout and is common to each print in a given series. New layers of ink and design are worked over this element to make each individual print in a series, with each being slightly different, yet retaining this repeatable element. The series is often numbered in the same way prints made in other formats are, such as etching, lithography, linoleum or wood block prints.




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