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Twilight 3


I’m interested in the symbolic language of myths, dreams, and therefore the unconscious. I have developed my own personal imagery by allowing my creative unconscious a largely unconditional path to expression. The monoprints images that result, emerge out of a field of black or colored ink. They are created by the removal & additions of ink that have been rolled onto a plexiglass plate. Through wiping, dragging, and thinning of the ink it is possible to manipulate it to create texture, line, value &  composition. When the image is complete, it is run through a press, which transfers the ink to a sheet of prepared paper. The result is a single & unique (mono) print. Since the process is relatively fast, it is possible to print a series of related images rather than an edition, as in traditional intaglio printing. Like many artists working with their intuition, I am keen to exploit the possibilities occurring between what I intend and what happens spontaneously.  The challenge is to manage a balance between making and discovering. In the end, a successful image will be a surprise, a discovery, that I can then expand upon consciously & intentionally, bringing the idea to further completion.

This is the moment of Alchemy. Transformation. Magic. Revelation.




" I think that in any art, you don't know in advance what you want to say. It's revealed as you say it. You have to work and look and change and suddenly, there it is! And this is the great miracle of art. It's revelation, rather than illustration. It's a document, not of the physical world but of the spiritual."

                                                                                            Aaron Siskind 1970

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