I'm a graduate of the Boston Museum School (BFA 1976) where I studied ceramics, drawing and painting. In 1978 I was accepted to do graduate work in ceramics at The Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan. From 1980 – 1983 I was a studio potter in Sonoma County, California, specializing in one -of-a- kind, functional porcelain.

My art sensibilities were largely formed by having grown up in NYC during the 60’s. I did a foundation year at the School of Visual Arts, spent countless hours walking through New York’s varied neighborhoods, and visiting all of the city’s great museums. Besides art, my passions at the time were comics, science fiction, and trying to understand what Alan Watts was talking about. Whenever possible, I would sit alone on the beach watching the ocean and the sky.

I've been making monotypes since 1998, and have been showing in and around the San Francisco Bay area since 2004.

For the past 27 years I have been a high school art teacher in northern California, now retired.