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Artists’ Bio


I'm a graduate of the Boston Museum School (BFA 1976) where I studied ceramics, drawing and painting. In 1978 I was accepted to do graduate work in ceramics at The Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan. From 1980 -1983 I was a studio potter in Sonoma County, making one -of- kind functional porcelain.

My art sensibilities were largely formed by having grown up in NYC during the 60’s. I did my foundation year at the School of Visual Arts, and my undergraduate work at the Boston Museum School. 

I grew up in Brooklyn and that culture is a basic part of me.

Before I left New York you could usually find me at the beach: that liminal place which continues to emerge in my work. I was usually at the ocean, on the beach with the open sky so close That was the only access I had to the natural world at the time. It truely saved my life.

Since moving to Sonoma County 40 years ago, I have been a studio potter, carpenter, practitioner of Aikido and a high school art teacher.

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